A long-variety Tesla Design X can tow up to 5000 lbs ., and the automaker claims above 7500 kilos of towing capability for its impending Cybertruck. Respectable figures, but here is the thing—today’s electric powered autos, no matter of make, just are not fantastic for towing.

As Engineering Explained’s Jason Fenske describes in this video, the energy density of electrical vehicles leaves a great deal to be wanted. The current point out of battery technological know-how is these types of that only so much strength can be stored in a offer that’s not also major for a passenger vehicle. The Design X’s 100-kWh battery pack has the most electrical power storage of any production EV. The EPA licensed the Product X Lengthy Assortment as being able to go 328 miles between rates.

When you increase a trailer to the mix, that variety goes way down. Fenske aspects a few of hypothetical trailering situations for a Design X in this video clip. In just one, he simulates a household using their Model X on a tenting journey, driving 100 miles up a 1-per cent quality at 75 mph. Factoring the 5500-pound fat of the Design X itself, furthermore 500 lb of payload and 5000 lb of trailer, greater drag coefficient from the trailer, rolling resistance, and gravity, Fenske calculates that 100.4 kWh is required to make that trip. In other words, you would require to recharge to make it.

Which is not factoring use of HVAC and other ancillary units both. Fenske calculates that carrying out the similar excursion with no the trailer would only choose all around fifty percent the vitality, and towing the trailer at 60 mph needs 84 kWh of energy. Effectively, a trailer can get rid of EV driving array.

For comparison, he operates the similar 75-mph trailering uphill scenario with a Ford F-150. That truck comes with a option of 23- or 36-gallon fuel tanks. Offered that a gallon of gas is equal to 33 kWh of vitality, that usually means the Ford has all-around 775 to 1200 kWh of vitality ability. The journey would demand 170 kWh of electricity, so the 23-gallon F-150 would only require to run at all around 21 p.c effectiveness to do it, even though the 36-gallon truck only desires to perform at close to 14 percent.

Fenske also runs some figures on the Tesla Cybertruck based on preliminary specs, and calculates how the Design X trip would go with no incline and heading downhill. The quantities are a large amount better, but nonetheless a approaches off the F-150 likely uphill.

So when you can tow with an EV, they will not be realistic tow motor vehicles till their strength capability improves noticeably. When the Product X features a 200- or 300-kWh battery pack, towing very long distances will be much additional simple.

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