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Yesterday, all through a conference at the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation and Place, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz extolled explanations why the U.S. needs to undertake a sixth department of the military, recognised as the House Power.

Though there are absolutely legitimate motives for the U.S. to commit far more assets into guarding place property, Cruz decided to emphasize just one risk in individual that is quite perplexing—the advent of area pirates.

Here’s exactly what he claimed:

Because the historical Greeks first set to sea, nations have acknowledged the requirement of naval forces and retaining a remarkable functionality to shield waterborne vacation and commerce from terrible actors. Pirates threaten the open seas, and the identical is achievable in room. In this exact same way, I feel we too must now understand the requirement of a Space Force. To protect the country, and to guard room commerce and civil place exploration.

This threat of room piracy provoked some common Internet commentary, which include from SpaceX CEO Elon Musk:

It’s unclear no matter if Cruz is apprehensive about real pirates, looking at as there are only six folks in area aboard the Intercontinental Area Station. It could be that he’s referring to China’s space-dependent weaponry, India’s satellite-destroying abilities, or the escalating marketplace of house mining, which could theoretically develop a band of room pirates in a number of hundred a long time or so.

But as for right here-and-now pirates—the kind that threatened the significant seas during the Age of Sail—it’s not likely they’ll be migrating to area whenever shortly. At least, not in the real earth in any case.

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