Jet automobiles are really entertaining things. No matter whether they’re reason-developed for drag racing or modified from inventory just for laughs, it can be generally exciting to see just one in motion. This Peugeot is just the latest example.

In accordance to the video’s uploader, this ’90s 205 hatchback has been equipped with a Turbomeca Marboré, a modest turbojet engine utilised in the French 1950s Fouga CM.170 Magister trainer jet. It’s mounted in the rear, and sticks out way earlier the trunk line. The total set up appears to be and sounds absurd, but it really should. It is a motor vehicle with a jet engine, after all.

Designed as a display screen auto, it wowed the crowd at the Flame & Thunder present at Santa Pod Raceway in England. When it did not go down the track’s quarter-mile drag strip, it did shoot out some definitely large fireballs. We can’t halt watching.


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