Get prepared to really feel nostalgic for the reason that we are heading back to 1989, when the Game Boy was king. Odd Tinkering is a YouTube channel that restores a variety of merchandise and applications this kind of as lighters and hammers, but this common handheld video game method needs a whole lot of really like.

The fifteen moment online video demonstrates Odd Tinkering’s procedure from unboxing, to dismantling, to soldering, and ultimately a comprehensive cleansing with soap and drinking water mixture to take out 30 many years of embedded dirt.

And the perform compensated off: Once the Video game Boy had been disassembled, Odd Tinkering place the plastic shell in a Zip Lock bag with 12 percent hydrogen peroxide and heated the liquid concerning 45-50 levels celsius.

“I located that if you go a great deal above 50 degrees celsius, your plastic will get rid of its first colour. This technique…removes the yellowing and will never turn the plastic white, according to the video clip, also stating that it truly is important to remain inside of the specified temperature range because likely any larger could soften the plastic body.

After making use of ethanol to cleanse some of the metallic components, the Recreation Boy appears to be like like it was in near mint condition.

Supply: Gizmodo

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