This earlier weekend, former U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor was a guest on the Joe Rogan Practical experience podcast. Fravor, who was the subject of a New York Occasions article about his 2004 UFO sighting, talked about a spooky new sighting a fellow pilot disclosed to him soon after they had been both of those out of the Navy.

In accordance to Fravor, the eyewitness was a former pilot of the MH-53E Sea Dragon, the Navy variation of the Marine Corps’ CH-53E Sea Stallion, based at Naval Station Roosevelt Streets, on the island of Puerto Rico. Twice when recovering used follow munitions out of the water, the pilot noticed a bizarre underwater item.

In the to start with incident, the pilot observed a “dark mass” underwater as he and his staff retrieved a traveling exercise drone. The pilot explained the object as a “big” mass, “kinda round,” and he was selected it wasn’t a submarine. In the pilot’s 2nd sighting, a observe torpedo that the pilot was despatched to recover was “sucked down” into the depths of the ocean in the presence of a equivalent underwater object. The torpedo was never seen all over again.

In other places in the job interview, Fravor reveals that a 79-yr-old woman contacted him just after his sighting went community. The girl discussed that her father, a naval officer, was at one particular time based mostly at the naval station in San Francisco in the 1950s. When she was a youngster, her father showed her a telegram that mentioned unidentified objects experienced been sighted heading in and out of the h2o at a now overlooked set of latitude and longitude coordinates. The woman’s father informed her, “We get these all the time, and it is often in the similar location.”

A BQM-174 high efficiency focus on drone equivalent to that recovered according to retired U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor.

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These sightings are identical to Fravor’s have sighting. In accordance to the retired Navy pilot, the only purpose he had observed the now-infamous “Tic Tac” UFO was due to the fact it was hovering previously mentioned a mysterious more substantial item that was sighted underwater. Fravor describes the item as cross shaped and roughly the size of a Boeing 737 jetliner. He has further more explained the drinking water previously mentioned it as though it were being “boiling” or “frothing,” and mentioned the object disappeared just after it caught his awareness.

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United Airlines 737-924 airliner.

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In 1970, biologist Ivan Sanderson printed the e book Invisible Citizens. Sanderson, a famous college student of uncommon phenomena, devoted the e book to sightings of what have been later on termed Unidentified Submerged Objects, or USOs. USOs are defined as unknown craft that are sighted in the drinking water, sighted increasing up out of the h2o, or diving into the drinking water. Sanderson catalogued scores of studies of USOs:

On the 19th of April, 1957, crew members aboard the Kitsukawa Maru, a Japanese fishing boat, spotted two metallic silvery objects descending from the sky into the sea (unique emphasis). The objects, believed to be 10 meters extended, had been with out wings of any kind. As the strike the water, they produced a violent turbulence. The specific spot was claimed as 31° 15’ N and 143° 30’ E.

Sanderson also reviews an incident that reportedly took put off the coast of Puerto Rico in 1963 throughout an anti-submarine warfare workout.

The maneuvers were conducted off Puerto Rico in the Atlantic some 500 miles southeast of the continental United States. All reports feel to agree that there ended up 5 “small” naval vessels worried, but in far more than one account the plane carrier Wasp is stated to have been the command ship…

A sonar operator on just one of the compact vessels, or else shown as a destroyer, reported to his bridge that a single of the submarines had damaged development and gone off in what appeared to be pursuit of some unidentified item. This operator did not, of system, know if this was a “plant”, since the maneuvers they ended up engaged in ended up exercises developed to teach staff in detection of enemy craft…Even so, this operator’s report was not all in just the restrictions of any this kind of simulation,. Trouble was that mentioned subaqueous item was traveling at “over 150 knots”!

USS Wasp in 1964.

U.S. Navy through Navsource

In accordance to Sanderson, “no a lot less than [13] craft,” together with anti-submarine warfare patrol aircraft, tracked the large-speed, unfamiliar item. Additionally:

It is said that specialists saved keep track of of this item for four times, and that it maneuvered round about, and to depths of 27,000 ft.

USS Wasp was in fact an anti-submarine warfare carrier in 1963 and served in the Atlantic Fleet until eventually decommissioning in 1972. Regrettably, Sanderson would not give any sourcing for the incident nor is there any other information and facts about it posted on the net.

The National UFO Recording Centre maintains a databases of sightings claimed to the NUFORC, both by e mail and hotline. There are a lot of reviews of UFO-sort objects viewed coming out of or heading into the ocean.

Off the coastline of Half Moon Bay, California, an eyewitness claimed that in 2007 she observed 3 UFOs even though aboard the cruise ship Dawn Princess (renamed in 2017 Pacific Explorer.)

“After about 5 minutes, 3 softly glowing objects came into view – 3 uniform, approximately spherical objects, evenly spaced in a line parallel to the ship’s hull and hovering just higher than the drinking water surface… They appeared to continue to be in 1 position whilst the ship moved previous them. They have been hovering, but didn’t disturb the drinking water under them. Just as they went out of my sight, the still left one particular (toward the bow) splashed down into the water and disappeared.”

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The cruise ship Dawn Princess, Western Australia, 2013.

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A single report logged in April 2019 states that an item resembling a “small white boat” flew up out of the water close to Imperial Seashore, California, “at about [500] feet.” The object instantly “flew south at a extremely significant price of velocity.”

What ever USOs are—figments of the imagination, mechanical malfunctions, key government craft, or even the operate of extraterrestrials—there’s a prolonged record of sightings. Fravor’s anonymous helicopter pilot is just the hottest in a prolonged line of mysteries, and they will not be solved any time soon.

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