Nintendo’s Pleasure-Con controllers for its Switch console have confronted growing criticism around an challenge influencing their control sticks, and now that problem appears to be occuring on the new Switch Lite as very well.

Specially, a selection of original Swap end users have documented that, even when sitting idly in a neutral position, the analog sticks on their Pleasure-Con controllers would sign-up a slight movement in a person way. This challenge has been dubbed Pleasure-Con drift.

A class-motion lawsuit was taken out against Nintendo in July, and now some house owners of the brand new Swap Lite console (launched September 20) have joined the bring about, as they experience the identical situation with their not too long ago-obtained handheld device.

A person of the major problems with the issue persisting in the Switch Lite is that it doesn’t have detachable controllers and the liberty they offer you – so instead of just changing the (even now somewhat-dear) Joy-Con units, the full console will want to be repaired or changed if it experiences a dodgy control adhere.

A repair?

At the time the lawsuit was to start with filed, Nintendo’s official plan regarding the make a difference resulted in consumers acquiring to ship off their faulty controller, wait around several months, and pay a huge sum to get it fixed and returned.

Shortly just after the lawsuit, however, it was found that Nintendo would swap your Joy-Con free of charge of cost if it experienced this difficulty and was furnishing refunds to those people that previously paid for the services (in the US at minimum), even for consoles outside of the warranty period. 

It’s well worth noting that these latter aspects were being only learned by using a leak of the firm’s interior communications – Nintendo does not have an official assertion on this program, so it’s really worth checking with your nearby purchaser support rep to see what the problem is in your region.

Nintendo is nonetheless to comment on Pleasure-Con drift problems being seasoned on the Change Lite. If you are living in the US and you’ve been affected, you can join the course-action lawsuit.

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