We’re fully aware that when it comes to the phone market, you are very firmly either Apple or Android, or a persistent member of a dying breed…Windows users. But, for those Apple fans sick of iPhone pricing, we’re about to suggest the unthinkable – a switch.

We recently saw the launch of iPhone 11 deals and while they came cheaper than expected, they are still very much Apple in their price tags. On the other hand, Samsung’s S10 series – the iPhone 11 range’s closest competitor – is only getting cheaper.

And, with a range of deals on both the S10 and S10 Plus offering some stellar price tags, it’s an obvious transition to make. As if the affordable pricing wasn’t enough, Samsung is currently offering up a free smartwatch with both of these devices.

Compared to Apple’s current freebie of a year of Apple TV+, Samsung’s smartwatch is an incentive we’re more than excited by. So, if you want to find out more about these Samsung phone deals, scroll down to see them all in full.

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