Intel Ice Lake processors (CPUs) have just come out, but we are by now setting up to see leaks about Tiger Lake, the up coming 10 nanometer (nm) CPUs that will be filling a notebook near you.

Now, there are not a large amount of details in this leak tweeted out by InstLatX64, but what is there appears amazingly sound. It’s a 4-core, 8-thread processor, with a strengthen clock of 3.4GHz. The massive bounce up about Ice Lake, even so, is going to be the 12MB of L3 cache. 

For comparison’s sake, the top rated-conclude Ice Lake Intel Main i7-1068G7 only options 8MB of L3 cache, so this mystery processor, if real, will attribute 1MB extra cache for every core than its 10th generation predecessor.  The bump up in cache need to consequence in much speedier efficiency, and could even make Tiger Lake-geared up Ultrabooks viable for gaming – but we will not want to get too in advance of ourselves.  

Speaking of gaming, the leak also says this Tiger Lake-U processor will function a Era 12 GPU. This isn’t really as well terribly stunning, but viewing the significant enhancements Intel Gen 11 graphics give about previous generations, we can’t wait around to see what it can do.

We’re however really a ways out from this processor basically seeing the light-weight of working day – if it does, in truth, see the light-weight of working day – so you need to acquire all of this with a gigantic grain of salt. Even now, Intel has  gone a extended way by iterating and refining its 14nm Skylake architecture, so it will be intriguing to see where Crew Blue goes with its 10nm course of action: it is just finding begun.


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