A brand name new Pokémon is currently being teased for the impending Era 8 titles Pokémon Sword and Protect, but at the instant it is not solely clear what that Pokémon is. 

On the formal Pokémon Twitter it was posted that a brand new Pokémon has been learned with a url purporting to lead to some Galar location research. 

The hyperlink prospects to the official internet site for Sword and Protect  where a glitched graphic of a Pokémon now seems. Chase this moving picture across the screen sufficient and you can click on on it to access a Pokédex entry that has much more redactions than revelations. 

Farfetch’d theories

From the entry all we can definitely inform about the cryptic new Pokémon is that it is a preventing-sort, coming in at 257.9 lbs with an ability known as Steadfast. There is also a small descriptive paragraph (with many additional redactions) which reads: “Only [redacted] that have survived many battles can achieve this [redacted]. When this Pokémon’s [redacted] [redacted]ers, it will retire from fight.”

Of training course, this engaging thriller has led to a rush of theories from followers. Somewhat ironically, just one of the most plausible theories is that the glitched Pokémon is an advanced form of Farfetch’d referred to as Sirfetch’d, located only in the Galar area. Sirfetch’d has now been rumored as a new Pokémon prior to this.

Provided the primary Farfetch’d retains a leek in struggle it’s not fully, er, far-fetched that in the British-impressed Galar location this leek could come to be a knightly lance which, at the time shattered, forces the Pokémon into retirement. Undoubtedly the green, beige and product colour palette of the glitched impression matches that of a Farfetch’d. 

There is been no additional facts on when this Pokémon’s identification will be confirmed but it is actually not extended until eventually Sword and Shield’s November launch day. Regardless of what it is, this Pokémon will sign up for the roster of new Generation 8 Pokémon which has currently been verified to include things like a Galarian variant of Wheezing as nicely as Poltergeist the teapot Pokémon and the adorable sheep Wooloo. 


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