Huawei has unveiled its new functioning procedure, identified as HarmonyOS, that is designed for a broad wide range of products together with wearables, cars, laptops and, maybe 1 working day, cell phones.

TechRadar has now learned that HarmonyOS is developed so it can applied on other products that are now out on the market place, this kind of as the Huawei View GT

Talking exclusively about Huawei’s new working procedure on the Enjoy GT, Peter Gauden, Global Senior Products Advertising and marketing Supervisor at Huawei, told TechRadar, “[HarmonyOS] is developed to be equipped to be utilized on existing equipment. 

“In genuine point, aspect of the early do the job that was getting performed on HarmonyOS was actually also utilizing some aspects of LiteOS already.”

A prospective transform

LiteOS is the software program currently used on the Huawei Observe GT, a pared back program compared to Use OS that the firm utilised on its past smartwatches.

Though Huawei hasn’t verified it would update its existing smartwatch to the running system, it would make feeling as the company pushes forward with potential devices that activity the OS.

Huawei believes it’ll ready to introduce HarmonyOS application to its long run smartwatches from 2020, but this is the very first time we’ve read that the application could be out there on other, existing units.

Earlier this week, a Google spokesperson suggested the Huawei Mate 30 would not be capable to use Google’s applications many thanks to the ongoing Huawei ban, some thing that could have enormous ramifications for the company’s long run. 

If the Huawei ban proceeds in the US, it looks most likely we will see the business undertake HarmonyOS for its mobile devices as well as impending smartwatches as it seeks to provide a first rate choice to Google’s Android running system.

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