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A short while ago, the TSA banned a Star Wars memento from checked and have-on baggage and you’d in no way guess what it is. If you ended up wondering lightsaber, you’d be wrong—those men are distinct to go via. The product in question is a $5 soda bottle that resembles a thermal detonator.

Some people today report that they’ve been capable to get the bottles by way of airport safety and back again property devoid of incident while other individuals have achieved out straight to the TSA to see if altering the bottle could possibly make it safe to move. The TSA responded with the subsequent tweet:

“Even w/ a regular bottle cap or opened, this merchandise is nonetheless regarded as a duplicate & is not permitted in carry-on or checked baggage. If our officers learn a duplicate item in the course of screening & thinks it can be genuine, the merchandise will be treated as these types of until eventually advised if not by legislation enforcement.”

So there you have it, you should not danger lacking your flight for a non-detonating souvenir soda bottle. And whilst you are at it, don’t deliver these five other products both.

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Coca Cola’s Thermal Detonator Bottles

The TSA is firm—if you attempt to deliver a souvenir bottle residence and they find it, it truly is possible that your product will be confiscated.

“Replicas of explosives, these as hand grenades, are prohibited in checked and have-on baggage. TSA officers have the discretion to prohibit any merchandise via the screening checkpoint if they think it poses a security danger.”


Magic 8 Ball

If you unquestionably will need to deliver your Magic 8 Ball with you, you will have to toss it in your checked luggage because this is one particular of the merchandise that TSA doesn’t permit by their stability checkpoint in a have-on bag.

TSA also notes that thelast choice rests with the TSA officer on irrespective of whether an product is authorized by way of the checkpoint.

Perhaps seek advice from the Magic 8 right before leaving property?


Gel Insoles

There is some gray spot bordering gels in general. Any variety of gel weighing additional than 3.4 ounces is not permitted in carry-on luggage and is meant to be stored in checked baggage. If a gel product weighs a lot less than that, it can go in your have-on.

Previously, the rule with gel inserts was that “gel shoe inserts are not permitted, but sneakers created with gel heels are permitted and will have to be taken off and screened.”

Some folks report that their gel insoles have been confiscated whilst many others have had no dilemma obtaining them via protection. This is yet another instance in which the last conclusion is at the discretion of the TSA officer screening you.


Solid Iron Cookware

Forged iron cookware is reportedly a major stability issue specially throughout the holidays when folks are traveling with pans prepped for some severe cooking.

You can bring pots and pans aboard a plane in a have-on, but any cast iron cookware has to be put in checked luggage. But it is really most likely greatest to just go away the forged iron at home—it’s only likely to up the expense of your checked luggage.

In actuality, their heft is the cause they are not allowed on plane cabins—they can cause critical injury if somebody resolved to wield one particular as a weapon.


Bowling Pins

We are not quite positive who’s striving to consider bowling pins together on their travels but they are not permitted in have-ons.

“Sports gear that can be utilised as a bludgeon (this kind of as bats and golf equipment) is prohibited in the cabin of the aircraft and need to be transported in your checked baggage,” suggests the TSA.

It appears less difficult for absolutely everyone involved if you just settle for working with the bowling pins readily available at your location, but which is just us.

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