Dan Reynolds Photography/Rubberball

Definitely you have listened to by now of the legendary Florida Male, a composite of every bare ne’er-do-well from the Sunshine State who engages in various illicit actions and inevitably gets busted. We snicker at Florida Man’s headlines since they are ridiculous, but the reality is his hijinks ordinarily transpire at the expense of hapless victims. People Florida Gentleman tales are dim. No want to rejoice them right here.

In its place, we’re working with this room to toast to the other, improved sort of Florida Guy: the resourceful DIYer who MacGyvers his way into and out of conditions, pretty much surely breaking the law, but under no circumstances his solve. He’s a going for walks, speaking embodiment of “Hold My Beer.” His exploits are not always harmless, but they’re by no means not inspiring.

And in some cases, Florida Person does genuine good—not just Florida superior, but the heroic, conserve-an-outdated-girl-from-a-burning-developing sort of good. He deserves a hearty salute.

So here are Florida Man’s 20 most unforgettable times. And it goes devoid of indicating, but make sure you really do not test them at property. That is Florida Man’s position.

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