What if your bedside lamp could send you to snooze with a lullaby? Or if your bookshelf performed calming tunes as you leafed by means of a pet dog-eared copy of your favorite guide?

Enter the Sonos IKEA Symfonisk lamp speaker and bookshelf speaker, which do just that, combining sensible property furnishings with Sonos’ audio abilities.

Several have been skeptical when Swedish furniture retailer IKEA introduced that it would be teaming up with the acclaimed audio brand Sonos – but each speakers scored an remarkable 4 out of five stars in our latest assessments.

So, which of these unconventional wi-fi speakers would suit your residence ideal? We take a seem at the professionals and disadvantages of the lamp speaker and the bookshelf speaker to assist make your conclusion a lot easier. 

The Symfonisk lamp speaker

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Symfonisk lamp speaker vs bookshelf speaker: selling price and availability

In legitimate IKEA fashion, neither of these speakers are particularly costly the most inexpensive of the two is the bookshelf speaker, which fees $99 / £99 / AU$149, even though the lamp speaker will set you back  $179 / £150 / AU$269.

That implies the lamp speaker is closer price tag-clever to the Sonos A person, which you can at the moment select up for all around $200 / £200 / AU$280 – and sometimes considerably less, if you bag yourself a fantastic deal. 

So, if sticking to a spending plan is your largest issue, you may possibly want to opt for the bookshelf speaker, but neither is likely to rinse your financial institution account. 

sonos symfonisk

The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker

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Symfonisk lamp speaker vs bookshelf speaker: style

Let us start off with the Symfonisk lamp speaker, which, unsurprisingly, appears to be like a lamp – even though rather of a conventional base, the foundation is fundamentally a speaker, encased in a white wraparound grille.

If you have had traumatic experiences with IKEA flat-pack home furnishings in the previous, have no panic: you simply have to screw in a bulb, place the lampshade in position, and plug in the determine-of-8 electric power direct, and you’re completely ready to go. 

While the Symfonisk lamp speaker doesn’t activity the slimmest build, it blends nicely into the home. In phrases of connections, you will only find an ethernet port – both speakers can join to your dwelling community by means of Wi-Fi, but you might discover a wired connection to be more powerful and much more responsible. In any other case, the unit sports an on/off swap, and engage in/pause and volume controls. 

The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker blends similarly well into your dwelling decor. It can be wall-mounted as a bookshelf that can hold up to 3kg of books or ornaments, or you can position it horizontally or vertically on any acceptable surface area.

Coming in white or black, the brick-shaped bookshelf speaker has a material grille on its entrance, with enjoy/pause and quantity controls. As with the Symfonisk lamp speaker, the only connectivity options you will uncover are a electricity guide and wired ethernet port. 

sonos symfonisk

The Symfonisk lamp speaker

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Symfonisk lamp speaker vs bookshelf speaker: characteristics

The Symfonisk lamp speaker and bookshelf speaker share many of the very same functions – and these wi-fi speakers are more than just fundamental IKEA merchandise with a handful of drivers supplied by its audio companion. 

As an alternative, they are entirely-fledged users of the Sonos ecosystem, and as this kind of can backlink to any other Sonos part you have on your residence community you could also pair two of the Symfonisk speakers for stereo seem, or even pair one particular with Sonos’ present dwelling cinema units, like the Sonos Beam, Sonos Playbar, Sonos Playbase, or Sonos Amp

This usually means you can even use the speakers as rear channels in a 5. or 5.1 encompass sound technique – very cool for a lamp and a bookshelf.

As Sonos products, both Symfonisk speakers eschew Bluetooth connectivity in favor of a residence world-wide-web link, by using Apple AirPlay 2 or Spotify Connect. 

The noticeable variation between the two speakers is that the lamp speaker also capabilities as lighting for your dwelling what’s amazing about this is that you could opt for to suit it with a good bulb, like the Philips Hue.

So, if you want to embrace the good house, the Symfonisk lamp speaker enables you to do this far more totally than the bookshelf speaker. 

The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker

The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker

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Symfonisk lamp speaker vs bookshelf speaker: seem performance

Irrespective of whether you are utilizing the lamp speaker or the bookshelf speaker, it’ll only take a number of times to connect them by way of the Sonos app, in which you are going to also find various indicates of tuning the Symfonisk for optimum sonic functionality. 

1 instance is TruePlay, which makes use of the microphone built into your smartphone or pill to scan the form of the place you might be in and amend the EQ configurations accordingly.

The application also attributes a very simple two-band equalizer that lets you wonderful-tune the bass and treble response. We located that both equally speakers benefitted from a tiny reduction in the bass, with Sonos’ Loudness function still left on to incorporate some concentrate and punch. 

Both the Symfonisk lamp and bookshelf speakers offer a comprehensive-bodied soundstage and a lively, enjoyable presentation even so, the lamp speaker fares a little better in conditions of accuracy and width. 

That is partly thanks to the round wraparound grille utilized by the lamp speaker – this design will allow its soundstage to open up up a lot more than that of the rectangular bookshelf speaker, for a much more immersive listening experience. 

That’s not to say the bookshelf speaker appears terrible in actuality, its audio overall performance is better than you might hope. Daring, focused and complete-bodied, the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker undoubtedly is just not shy about throwing tunes into the area.

Neither speaker gives the depth and precision of the Sonos A person, but it’s important to bear in mind that they equally present twin capabilities, and also that they are more affordable than Sonos’ flagship wi-fi speaker.

sonos symfonisk

The Symfonisk lamp speaker

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Which Symfonisk speaker you ought to invest in isn’t a notably taxing decision: if you want a lamp, go for the lamp speaker, and if you could use a bookshelf, or just want a speaker that you can position on a bookshelf or very similar, go for the bookshelf speaker.

If both attraction equally, it is well worth noting that the bookshelf speaker is drastically cheaper, and provides lots of of the exact same functions as the lamp speaker both equally are totally-fledged customers of the Sonos ecosystem, and could consequently be paired with each other, or with other speakers to good effect. 

The lamp speaker is the far better-sounding of the two, by a compact margin, with its wraparound grille giving a broader soundstage than the bookshelf speaker. 

Whichever speaker you go for, you will not be purchasing into a mere inside design gimmick: as effectively as producing beautiful focal factors in your dwelling space, the Symfonisk speakers are extremely capable audio gadgets in their personal correct.

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