It’s been a whilst since we’ve seen a new Silent Hill recreation. When we obtained a style of Konami horror again in 2014, with Silent Hill: P.T., there has not been a main Silent Hill game unveiled due to the fact 2012 – but it seems to be like that could be about to adjust.

Again in July, Konami Leisure submitted a trademark with the Canadian governing administration for Silent Hill, stating the trademark would be for “videogames pc online games providers” (via Video game Rant).

The complete services description states the trademark will be used for:

“Supplying on the web videogames furnishing on the net computer online games offering information and facts in the area of videogames providing facts in the subject of laptop or computer games arranging, organizing and conducting videogame competitions arranging, organizing and conducting computer system video game competitions.”

Return of the fog

(Picture credit rating: Konami)

This trademark filing implies that we could be be looking at a lot more Silent Hill online games in the foreseeable future, which is not automatically surprising contemplating the hottest resurgence of reboots and remasters.

Konami could opt to follow in Capcom’s measures by remaking one of the much more popular Silent Hill game titles, such as Silent Hill 2, or even remastering some of its titles. Nonetheless, you can find also the probability the firm will opt for to give the franchise a modern reboot.

The mention of competitions implies the latter is a risk as, to day, Silent Hill has not experienced any competitive or multiplayer areas that could warrant competitions.

Nonetheless, it truly is well worth noting that Konami could just be submitting the trademark to preserve Silent Hill in the family, as the corporation has not discovered that it truly is doing work on nearly anything Silent Hill-similar. 

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