Intel’s Phantom Canyon promises RTX 2060 graphics in a small gaming Computer system
Intel’s Phantom Canyon promises RTX 2060 graphics in a small gaming Computer system


A fresh new leak has popped up, suggesting that Intel is scheduling a ‘Phantom Canyon’ compact gaming Pc, maybe out in 2020, which will pack discrete graphics in the form of an RTX 2060, or a GTX 1660 Ti.

To be precise, this will be an NUC (Up coming Device of Computing) or miniaturized Computer to observe on from the successor to the recent Intel Hades Canyon (to give you an concept of the dimensions involved, that model is 8.7 x 5.6 x 1.54 inches).

The sequel to Hades Canyon is Ghost Canyon, which need to be unleashed later this 12 months, with a Core i9-9980HK processor and unspecified discrete graphics (as opposed to the integrated graphics noticed on Hades Canyon – which were being basically AMD-driven in the variety of the Radeon RX Vega M GH).

According to leaked presentation slides and facts collected by Tech Powerup, Phantom Canyon will abide by Ghost Canyon possibly late in 2020, maybe even early 2021, and will have a Tiger Lake CPU (a 28W section) with Gen 12 built-in graphics (Xe graphics) and PCIe Gen 4.

As outlined, the discrete graphics are labeled in the slide as either the RTX 2060, or GTX 1660 Ti, with possibly selections on either.

Timing problems?

Even though an RTX 2060 seems fairly strong correct now – for a little gaming box – if the launch day of this NUC slides to 2021, it might not look like very such a major leap. Another fascinating level is that seemingly we’re searching at Intel’s Xe graphics as the integrated solution, but not a discrete Xe supplying, which you would think the organization might want to showcase given that they are arriving in 2020.

Most likely the timeframe didn’t rather work out in this article, which may point to a bigger probability of looking at the Phantom Canyon box strike cabinets in 2020 relatively than the next calendar year (as that would seemingly make factors tighter with Intel’s Xe launch).

Other fascinating specs the leak highlights include things like Wi-Fi 6, which you would be expecting, and a ‘custom vapor chamber’ on cooling obligations, as doubtless cramming in that discrete GPU will contact for some nifty trickery in phrases of trying to keep temperatures down.


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