Iphone users have been warned to be on the lookout soon after reserachers uncovered a scam employing fake Lightning charging cables.

A bogus Apple charging cable, comparable to all those applied to charge up iPhones, could be use to hijack a notebook or Pc just by plugging in, safety researcher Mike Grover, also acknowledged as MG, has unveiled. 

When plugged into a Linux, Mac or Home windows computer, and linked via Wi-Fi, the O.MG Cable can give a hacker complete regulate above the system, permitting them to have out instructions remotely.


Grover discovered the cable at last week’s DefCon cybersecurity conference, highlighting what he says has been an underneath-investigated spot of mobile security.

“It appears like a respectable cable and will work just like one particular. Not even your computer system will see a change. Until finally I, as an attacker, wirelessly consider manage of the cable,” he advised Motherboard.

Grover states that the cable, which the good news is is only a prototype, could be utilised in a variety of approaches by criminals, letting them to obtain and launch malware, remove products from Wi-Fi networks, and even reconfigure programs.

(Impression credit rating: Motherboard)

The cable requires advantage of a flaw in the computer’s running technique that detects the cable as aspect of an enter device, or what is recognised as a human interface machine (HID). 

At the time linked via the IP handle of the cable, hackers can begin to difficulty instructions using a mouse and keyboard, as running systems take into account HID products to be input gadgets. This lets them to manouevre close to the hijacked machine, down load malware or open up up computer software these types of as browsers to run destructive payloads.

Grover suggests that the cable, which thankfully is only a prototype, could be utilised in a range of further strategies by criminals, permitting them to down load and start malware, clear away units from Wi-Fi networks, and even reconfigure units.

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