Motor Rebuilds – Rebuilding a Lotus Twin Cam
Motor Rebuilds – Rebuilding a Lotus Twin Cam

The Ford Lotus Twin cam, the famous superior overall performance motor of the sixties period. The Mk1 Twin Cam was released as a check bed engine in the Mk1 Cortina in 1963 & adopted by the Mk II which driven the

Mk II Lotus Cortina – the identical engine that was also fitted to the 1968 Escort Twin Cam.

The lotus Cortina & the Twin Cam Escort have been immediate winners both of those on the observe and in a lot of, lots of rallies held in the course of the earth. It is frequently said that the sixties were the golden many years of motor sport, and the company of lotus and their extremely aggressive vehicles were held in significant esteem. But the Lotus elan which was publicly introduced at the1962 Earls Courtroom motor show was the sporting activities vehicle that established the motoring earth alight, the elan founded a reputation for quick point to place motoring, as effectively racking up achievement soon after results on race circuits all around the environment. Lotus was swift to build on those accomplishment with the release of the lotus elan 26R, the racing version, which was based mostly on the elan S2 design, only about just one hundred 26Rs elans had been manufactured by the manufacturing facility.

The run of the mill four cylinder ford solid iron engine block delivered the foundation on which the twin cam engine was constructed, the cylinder head was a Harry Mundy intended twin cam alloy head, which included chain generate to the twin more than head cams, which actuated the eight valves. The engine was ordinarily aspirated and fed by ‘twin forty millimetre Weber carburettors, which are characterised by the distinct clucking seem they made when the throttle butterflies are opened.

But even with the superior energy output of this smaller four-cylinder motor there are two Achilles heals of this motor, the initially being the track record for drinking water pump failure, which is mostly prompted by the engine currently being still left standing for long durations sans any coolant in the block, on the to start with crank of the motor the dry seal is ripped through the first flip more than.

Quite a few elan & escort house owners have also upgraded from the first dynamo to a modern day alternator for the electrical system, the superior tension on the belt demanded to operate the alternator spots abnormal side hundreds on the drinking water pump which can lead to premature failure… the normal drinking water pump replacement needs that the alloy twin cam cylinder head be first taken off, this can guide to a really expensive mechanical maintenance for the non-practical twin cam owner

The greatest fix for this issue is to install the more recent modular form h2o pump, generating it significantly a lot easier to get rid of and substitute. The other problem with the twin cam lotus engine is the consistent pattern of the motor of getting rid of oil stress on tight correct hand turns, many house owners pick out to overlook this difficulty at their own peril, lotus twin cam

motorists have been regarded to merely pay attention for the bearing rattles then’ back again off, and hold out for oil strain to return…. if you listen to bearing rattle, the motor is only a handful of seconds absent from a opportunity motor blow up,

From a cold start out, bearing rattle can be tolerated in an motor since it only lasts for one or two seconds whilst the engine is at idle., but it is an solely distinct story when the motor is revving at 4 to 7 thousand revs for each minute exactly where even a limited oil starvation interval can have a devastating result on the engine bearings, bearing failure is not an if, but a matter of when the engine bearings seize on the crankshaft.

But You will Be Happy to know there is A Correct – But there are definitely only two options

1: If you are into circuit racing, then dry sump lubrication is a specified, it can be high priced and time consuming to established up and to get it ideal, but most racers swear by dry sump lubrication.

2: Put in A Gated Wet Sump Oil Handle program.

It appears technological but it is not, the gated sump process is made up of planning and building a one of a kind equipment which is mounted in the common twin cam sump or oil pan, it is not highly-priced to build or hard to fabricate, it is not elaborate, and most home mechanics would be capable of building the baffle if they love fabricating with sheet metallic, and they also recognize how to do a little sum of brazing.

No a person but you will ever know that there is a exclusive anti surge oil regulate method installed in the sump of your twin cam lotus engine. But the difference is that with the gated baffle mounted, you will be capable acquire any given corner at superior speed in your Ford escort, Lotus Cortina or lotus elan and not have the slightest worry about oil surge, the oil gauge will notify you that the appropriate oil tension is getting delivered to your legendary twin cam lotus engine, it is really about piece of head and self-assurance with higher general performance motoring. Make it when, create it right, and you can have no challenges.

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