Google Chrome has about one particular billion every month lively customers and its huge set up foundation could be a massive prospective marketplace for extension developers. Nonetheless, in accordance to Extension Watch, close to 87 percent of all extensions have considerably less than 1,000 installs.

Even though quite a few extensions have only a couple of installations, only 13 extensions have been in a position to cross the 10m mark which is the highest person rely threshold offered on the Chrome World-wide-web Shop.

These 13 extensions include things like Google Translate, Adobe Acrobat, Tampermonkey, Avast On-line Protection, Adblock Plus, Adblock, uBlock Origin, Pinterest Help you save Button, Cisco Webex, Grammarly for Chrome, Skype, Avast SafePrice and Honey.

A few extensions are acquiring closer to the 10m mark but the number of extensions with multi-million userbases is continue to very compact. This is particularly true when you assess Chrome extensions with Android apps as Android also has in excess of a single billion monthly active end users.

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Regardless of the actuality that there are 188,620 extensions offered on the Chrome World wide web Shop, quite a few are apparently having difficulties to remain afloat.

A latest scan of the total Chrome World wide web Shop, executed by Extension Monitor, has unveiled that nearly 50 p.c of all Chrome extensions have considerably less than 16 installs which suggests that 50 percent of the Chrome extension ecosystem is basically deserted. 

On top of that, 19,379 extensions (a very little over 10 p.c) have zero installs while 25,540 extensions (13 p.c) have just one user. The scan also uncovered that really couple Chrome extensions have managed to create a focused userbase.

Extension Monitor’s research displays that Chrome extension ecosystem is dominated by a couple pretty huge players when the rest battle to attain far more consumers. The organization will carry out two scans in the upcoming with further specifics on the most populated extensions groups and how extensions deal with permissions and content security.

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