Black Shark 2 Pro gaming cell phone builds on the well-liked Black Shark 2 smartphone
Black Shark 2 Pro gaming cell phone builds on the well-liked Black Shark 2 smartphone

When the Black Shark 2 arrived out we located it a fairly respectable gaming smartphone, albeit with some small flaws in this article and there now three months later Black Shark has unveiled a more recent version of the machine, identified as the Black Shark 2 Pro.

The Black Shark 2 Pro is at present only accessible in China, but Black Shark has mentioned it will be coming out worldwide at some position in the long term. It really is priced at CNY2,999 (about $435 / £355 / AU$630) for a 128GB model and CNY3,499 (all-around $505, £415, AU$735) if you want 256GB inner memory.

We will let you know when the machine releases around the world, so continue to be tuned for that information as well as a review when we’ve taken it out for a spin.

What are the Black Shark 2 Professional adjustments?

The headline transform in the Black Shark 2 Pro is that as an alternative of the Black Shark 2’s Snapdragon 855 chipset, you will get the new Snapdragon 855 As well as, which is optimized specifically for wonderful gaming performance. Alongside with 12GB RAM, this will make the Black Shark 2 Pro excellent for substantial-close motion.

You can also get a 240Hz display, which signifies the display refreshes 240 periods for each next. Most smartphones have 60Hz refresh prices, and even the ideal gaming phones only get to 120Hz, so that is an remarkable aspect if you’re into your gaming.

There are a handful of variations from the Black Shark 2 in the camera and screen office too, moreover a much more powerful 1W speaker.

Gamers will also like the other advancements: monitor response speed is only 34.7ms, there’s an enhanced liquid cooling technique, and an additional antenna keeps your world-wide-web connection solid.

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