Prepared your wands, Potterheads: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the totally free-to-play mobile video game by Pokemon Go creator Niantic, is reside on iOS and Android – at least in the US. 

The sport was originally set for a globally release on Friday, June 21, so its planned world wide rollout may well just have started early. Count on it to extend to other areas shortly.

In Wizards Unite, gamers are tasked to roam all over the true world looking down magical objects and creatures before individuals nosy Muggles (or NoMaj) prospect on them. You will check your telephone (as a engineering-savvy wizard) to monitor them down at the time uncovered, glance at them as a result of the camera, and trace styles on your screen to forged spells and lock down the magical contraband.

Seem familiar? It is centered on the exact AR tech as Niantic’s past online games, Pokemon Go and the cyberpunk-esque Ingress prior to it. If you preferred those people games and have a nerdy penchant for JK Rowling’s zeitgeist-defining sport, it’s free to download and engage in – with the expected microtransactions.

 So…what is upcoming? 

There’s a great deal of promise for a new match established in the Harry Potter franchise, and lovers have been ready for Niantic’s sport set in the Wizarding Environment for many years. If the match feels a bit restricted, recall where Pokemon Go began and how much it’s come…and anticipate Niantic to have a identical determination to its new title.

And just like with Pokemon Go, be expecting user responses to influence the direction of the game.

“It would be brash and arrogant if we explained the activity just isn’t going to change, and it really is fantastic in its latest iteration,” Wizards Unite producer Alex Moffit informed Mashable. “We know that it’s going to evolve, and we’re heading to learn a ton from our gamers as time goes on.” 


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