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The technological big difference in between the Soviet Union and the U.S. is normally mentioned in dire terms, like atomic power. But there are also a lot more mundane examples, like television, which shaped both of those countries⁠—even with Soviet technologies at a drawback.

Televisions ended up initially made in the Soviet Union in 1934, but Soviet programming only began in 1938. As with The us, it took till soon after Environment War II for the know-how to really get off. The KVN-49, the U.S.S.R’s to start with mass-produced television established, was introduced in 1949. That is just a number of decades immediately after the U.S., where by the RCA 630-TS was launched in 1946.

In both of those countries, televisions have been high-priced, costing many months’ income. But KVN-49s had been the lowest priced design available, for a excellent cause. They experienced screens that were incredibly little, just a couple inches extensive. To compensate, a stopgap was developed: In entrance of the KVN-49, there was a substantial plastic disc. End users would fill the disc with drinking water, which would then act as a organic magnifying glass.

Us residents also manufactured endeavours to compensate for a television’s lack of capability. Coloured, plastic screens were being from time to time often set in front of TVs to make it show up as if the black-and-white programming was in coloration. The final results, like the magnifying glass, were being a lot less than fantastic.

Tv soon exploded in both equally international locations. In the Soviet Union, possession jumped from 1 million in 1955 to 5 million sets in 1960, and then 20 million sets in 1970. In addition to point out propaganda, dramas portraying World War II ended up common, like the espionage thriller Seventeen Times of Spring.

Their increase in popularity confused Soviet factories, main to lousy tv craftsmanship. Even Soviet media couldn’t overlook the issue. “In 1980, a overall of 2.26 million sets ended up produced and 2,126 fires have been documented. Five a long time afterwards, the quantity of fires caused by tv sets achieved 5,490 out of 4.2 million made,” a Russian newspaper wrote in 1987.

The Seattle Occasions explained the difficulty in 1991:

A number of decades in the past, one particular preferred variety of television set tended to overheat and explode, not only when it was operating for a long time but also when it was plugged in for a lengthy time. Exploding televisions turned these types of a difficulty that the Inside Ministry place out a public-provider movie about how to work a tv set properly.

Soon after the Soviet Union collapsed, Television set only acquired far more well-known. Now, 74 p.c of the populace watches countrywide tv channels routinely. But in contrast to most European nations around the world, when American information dominates, Russian Tv set is stuffed with authentic programming.

Several of the TVs, on the other hand, occur from other spots in the earth. They also don’t explode.

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