U.S. Military photograph by Yvonne Najera

U.S. Army Rangers reenacted this week the famed scaling off the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc, a person of the most renowned missions in Ranger history. The cliffs, scaled on the early morning of June 6th, 1944, were being the only way to a German artillery battery Allied commanders thought could wreck the D-Working day invasion. More than a hundred Rangers have been killed or wounded throughout the combating in and close to the guns.

In the months leading up to the Normandy invasion, targets up and down the French shoreline were being bombed and strafed by allied airpower. Despite the fact that the Allies had a big gain in air energy, they could not concentrate aerial firepower in opposition to targets struggling with the Normandy beachheads without tipping their hand–the Germans would comprehend the place the invasion was established to choose position and mail reinforcements appropriately.

Pointe du Hoc Cliff. Pointe du Hoc s a promontory with a 100 ft

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As a final result, many essential targets have been left unbombed even on the working day of the invasion. A single this kind of concentrate on was a battery of 6 french GPF 155 K418(f) howitzers. Captured from the French Army, the guns were being reportedly in hardened emplacements overlooking a section of beach designated by landing forces as Omaha. Still left untouched, the guns could blast away at Allied warships stage-blank, keeping troop transports and even heavier destroyers and cruisers at chance.

The concrete fortifications produced destroying them by way of air ability or naval guns complicated. The selection was produced to mail a portion of the landing drive, 225 U.S. Military Rangers, to scale the cliffs in front of them and demolish the guns by hand. The Rangers not only endured the beach landing but proceeded to scale Stage du Hoc’s cliffs with a blend of ladders, ropes, and sheer bravery.

In some cases the equipment was insufficient, with ladders borrowed from the London Hearth Division proving also quick. Nonetheless, the Rangers pushd to the top rated and secured their aims, holding them versus identified counterattacks. In excess of the to start with 48 several hours of the invasion, the assault pressure took 135 casualties–just one of the highest casualty costs of D-Working day.


U.S. Army image by Yvonne Najera

On June 5th, 1 hundred of today’s Military Rangers took component in a re-scaling of the cliffs. The Rangers, dressed in a blend of World War II-era uniforms–total with the blue and yellow diamond-formed Ranger insignia–and fashionable camouflage scaled the cliffs together. According to Stars and Stripes, veterans of the actual procedure were being in attendance to observe the cliff scaling.

Right now there are three Ranger Battalions in the U.S. Military, together with a Particular Troops Battalion, that make up the 75th Ranger Regiment. Today’s Rangers are very experienced light-weight infantry and are element of the U.S. Army Exclusive Functions Command.

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