Though we keep on to wait around for AMD to press graphics processors ahead with Navi and its 7-nanometer architecture, a leak is suggesting that may perhaps not be the only issues AMD is making ready. A new graphics card title was found out in AMD’s Adrenalin 19.4.3 graphics drivers by a TechPowerUp reader.

The newly recognized card is a Radeon RX 640. This would place it on the reduce conclude of the functionality spectrum per AMD’s naming conference. But, this would also suggest it’s neither a Vega nor Navi GPU.

Offered that it follows the naming plan of AMD’s Polaris-primarily based GPUS, it can be a safe and sound wager this Radeon RX 640 could be an impending GPU that proceeds to use the Polaris architecture. That’s not just about as enjoyable for tech fanatics as the impending launch of Navi, but it would make perception for the funds close of the industry.

Making perception of it

The new Radeon RX 640 is most likely going to be new in name on your own.  TechPowerUp speculates that the Radeon RX 640 would be a re-branding of the present-day RX 550X. This would be in keeping with what AMD has performed in the earlier.

Final yr, AMD pulled a similar move with a refresh of its Polaris GPUs introducing an X suffix. This lead to new graphics cards like the Radeon RX 550X that had been fundamentally the exact same as their predecessors. The Radeon RX 500X sequence GPUs had the same  number of stream processors and compute units, frequency and underlying architecture as the RX 500 collection right before them experienced.

In other words, the RX 640 will be anything but new. What it really should be, though, is affordable. It can very likely come across its location as an economical focused graphics card in funds builds.

This would permit AMD nevertheless continue being suitable in the funds section of the marketplace, although the Vega VII and forthcoming Navi graphics playing cards uncover their footing in the better conclude of the industry.

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