Not too long ago we listened to a rumor that Samsung was planning not to set any physical buttons on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, opting for capacitive ones instead, but unsurprisingly it appears to be that may not be the scenario just after all.

According to @UniverseIce (a reputable leaker) the Galaxy Notice 10 will have physical buttons. But it appears the primary rumor may not have been completely mistaken, as they say that at first the Note 10 wasn’t likely to have actual physical buttons, but that this did not pass Samsung’s “rigorous testing”, so the remaining product will have them.

However, they also say that they are “not optimistic” about the existence of a headphone jack, which is yet another matter we’d just lately heard may be absent.

We would of class consider all of these rumors with a pinch of salt, but this sounds believable. Various resources have now stated there wouldn’t be a headphone jack and it’s a attribute that far more and additional providers are executing absent with.

As for actual physical buttons, removing them would be a radical modify, and one particular with several obvious added benefits, so we suspect they will be current. That claimed, their days could be numbered, as it is not just Samsung that’s rumored to be removing them – we’ve also listened to that the Google Pixel 4 may switch to capacitive buttons.

So there appears to be a true fascination in creating the change, which means that in a number of several years they might be on the way out, even if they are not this calendar year.

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