Balloon Destroyer Video clips | Jan Hakon Erichsen Job interview
Balloon Destroyer Video clips | Jan Hakon Erichsen Job interview

Jan Hakon Erichsen hates balloons. Like, truly actually hates balloons. Like, really seriously hates balloons so substantially that he rounds up just about every home utensil that doubles as a weapon for murder and just brutally beats the crap out of balloons—once a image of merrymaking, now a bad victim of senseless, albeit riveting violence. Show A:

Far more than 12 million folks have viewed Erichsen’s hottest act of carnage considering that he posted the clip to Twitter two times in the past, which tells us there’s either a international hunger for the complete destruction of celebration decorations or a deep-seated resentment for clowns. Almost certainly each.

So we required to touch foundation with the Norwegian artist, who according to his web page “works in just a variety of media focusing on topics like anxiety, anger, and frustration,” to see the place his abnormal hatred for balloons will come from … and, you know, if he’s undertaking okay.

Well-liked Mechanics: So. Who harm you as a kid?

Jan Hakon Erichsen: It was mainly my skateboard performing the hurting.

Should really we inform the authorities?

At this stage that is possibly a great notion, but luckily for us my authorities are different than yours, so it would be like screaming into the darkest night time.

What do you have towards the next factors:


Way much too colourful.


As well quite a few individuals.


What’s up with that inflated ego, in any case?


Why have entertaining when you can be depressing?




Ruins all pics.


Have you listened to persons laughing? It is terrible.


Pleased folks are so frustrating, and they normally smile and laugh a good deal.


Items are things. There is nothing at all to surprise about.

Childlike innocence?

Is any person harmless, truly?

No, significantly. What transpired to you as a little one to make you this way?

All the other young children had been obtaining balloons and not me. It’s payback time.

Even though I come across this appalling, I also just cannot halt looking at. What does that say about me?

You ought to almost certainly start out using that medication you talked to your health care provider about.

Is your household terrified of you?

Relatives gatherings can usually get a minimal tense.

Why does a person person have so many knives, saws, cactuses, and other sharp matters just lying close to?

I’m prepared for the apocalypse. Are not you?

What other inanimate objects are you likely to ruin next, and do we have time to warn them?

I go so quickly that there’s no time for warnings.

Of all the strategies you mercilessly place these balloons out of their lousy distress, what was your favorite?

I used a frozen water balloon to pop a frequent balloon. I thought that was fairly poetic. I was also rather delighted the time I managed to pop a single with a banana.

Are you the satan?

A distant cousin.

And Now, a Number of Bonus Questions About What This Guy’s True Offer Is

But for genuine, what is this all about?

I was just fooling all-around in the studio and considered I’d make a balloon-popping contraption for exciting. I filmed it with my cellular phone and assumed it was funny so I wanted to share it with my good friends on Instagram and it has just escalated from there.

Dread, anger, and irritation are the dominant themes of your artwork. Why did you make all those your aim?

These are feelings that typically spark a destructive variety of creative imagination in people today who typically never see by themselves as inventive people today.

How numerous machines did you develop for this venture?

I have not particularly counted, but I have almost 700 posts on my Instagram, and I’m guessing all around 400 to 500 of them have some type of contraption in them.

How hazardous are some of these equipment if they aren’t applied correctly?

I would not enable any one else use most of them. There’s a actual risk of acquiring minimize.

Do you have a carpentry or engineering track record?

Not at all, and I feel a carpenter would be very vital to my patterns.

What is the upcoming destruction?

I’ll just maintain on earning short destruction video clips for now and just see how far I can take it.

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