Rise of The Kek: A Science Fiction Novel Overview
Rise of The Kek: A Science Fiction Novel Overview

“Rise of the Kek” takes spot involving the 12 months 2018 and 2108. It chronicles the life of Jeremy Ash, who turns into the most traveled person in the photo voltaic program, and heir to a multi-trillion dollar room agency. This is essentially the first e-book of a prepared trilogy. A single of the principal features of this story is the price tag of working with time dilation to vacation among the stars. If a person travels 43 light-weight years at in close proximity to-lightspeed, 43 decades will have passed on Earth even although he has scarcely aged.

The tale starts with the Kek invasion of Cideba. A Cideban named Piren, who has been learning Earth for countless numbers of years, making use of the time dilation outcomes of the Neutrino Travel motor to extend his everyday living as he travels back again and forth among Earth and his homeworld, resumes his mission to Earth to comply with the evacuation purchase. He is presented an unsecured Neutrino Drive engine to choose with him to reduce the Kek from obtaining it and strengthening their have variation of the engine. A warning beacon experienced been sent by the Cideban Large Council to a amount of fewer advanced planets, just one of which arrived at Earth in 2018.

When Piren comes at Earth, he is faced with the problem of whether or not individuals have matured more than enough to obtain the neutrino engine technological know-how. He decides to recruit a younger male, Alec Strickland, to provide the unsecured Neutrino Travel engine into Earth’s future using the engine alone to execute the job. When Piren lands to directly contact Alec, a Kek that had cocooned itself to Piren’s ship again on Cideba, breaks loose and escapes. It commences to multiply by cloning alone. Reports of massive, man-taking in “Tremendous Spiders” get started to surface area and sooner or later cause a A single Working day War with Chinathat kills a quarter billion people.

Alec is ready to retrofit a just one-person solo submarine for the vacation. Just prior to Alec debarks, Jeremy steals the alien details crystal that accompanied the motor. The crystal has particulars of the engine’s layout and operation, as nicely as the full genome of an organism that is utilized to renovate Venus. Alec’s come upon gets legend, even spawning The Guide of Alec, a pseudo-religious text that chronicles Alec’s departure and predicts the time of his return. Jeremy inadvertently transmits a person of the equations from the alien details crystal to Microcore Room Units, Inc. Microcore is the crystal clear leader in house-centered technologies, with hundreds of Asteroid Crushers munching absent at as lots of asteroids, an orbital processing system full with photo voltaic furnace, a room station, and an underground moon base. The federal federal government intercepts the transmission, and is now mindful that Jeremy is in possession of specialized info that is not known to modern science. This starts Jeremy increase to power and his pursuit by the federal federal government.

Authorities officers from The Countrywide Protection Agency arrive at Jeremy’s apartment. They ask for his existence at a briefing in Washington D.C. the place he is shown pictures of a mining procedure on the moon. The NSA officials notify Jeremy that Microcore is conducting key functions on the moon. Jeremy is bewildered as to his function in these matters which are obviously way out of his league. They advise Jeremy that they are aware of the amazing equation he transmitted to Microcore and accuse him of being a possibility to countrywide security. The pretty subsequent working day, Jeremy’s railcar is remotely diverted to Microcore the place it winds across the complicated in a grand tour of the facility. Jeremy is lastly brought experience to encounter with Cecil Millikan, President and CEO of Microcore. Cecil assures Jeremy that he can protect him from the federal government and sooner or later purchases the data contained on the alien crystal for $30 million.

Cecil has his prime scientist, Professor Klein, assess the crystal. Klein discovers the complete genome of a microbe encoded on the crystal. They determine that the microbe could be used to terraform the Venusian environment. The tremendous magic formula Venus Challenge is born. The microbe is painstakingly designed from fragments of DNA. Trillions of them are bred and then released to Venus in which they are dispersed into the higher layers of the Venusian environment. Their waste deliver is molecular carbon that fuses alongside one another below the extreme force of the ambiance. It builds up to form a darkish orbital band all around the earth. All the whilst, the U.S. govt is making an attempt to determine out what Microcore is up to. Some have grown suspicious that Cecil is making an attempt to terraform Venus to accommodate alien spacecraft that have been detected approaching Earth.

When Microcore launches a prototype Neutrino Generate motor toward the star where the sign of 2018 originated (Cideba), it is found as an try to instantly make contact with the aliens. Army vehicles swarm into Microcore. The complex is searched for proof of the unknown technological innovation, proof of Cecil’s partnership with the aliens, and any data pertaining to The Venus Project. Practically nothing of importance is located. The Chairman of The People’s Republic of China confronts the U.S. President as to why they are unable to secure proof from Microcore for collaborating with these aliens while the Kek continue on to multiply. The President’s response is insufficient. The Chairman launches a complete scale nuclear strike towards the U.S. The U.S. retaliates. Four nuclear weapons elude American protection methods and strike as several large metropolitan areas. Several nukes also strike China. Thousands of typical missiles also rain down on the U.S. and China.

Jeremy finally inherits Microcore from Cecil and works by using the company’s extensive means to enable rebuild The united states. Then, in 2108, Alec returns to Earth and inherits Microcore from Jeremy. Quickly following, several Kek ships arrive at Earth and are destroyed. Unfortunately, their destruction also benefits in the destruction of Washington, D.C. Many see the obliteration of Washington as the greatest act of mass murder in America’s background. Other people see it as an act that saved the human race. In the meantime, China has completely shut by itself off to the relaxation of the planet. If only the planet knew that the Kek had infiltrated the Chinese governing administration and had been creating a new fleet of Kek ships suitable in this article on Earth.

Resource by John J Burhop