Get a Trip in This Tank Limo for Just $2,000 a Working day
Get a Trip in This Tank Limo for Just $2,000 a Working day

A corporation in the U.K. has made the best trip to prom: a “TankLimo”. TankLimo is two British Army armored personnel carriers welded into a solitary, lumbering beast of a automobile, capable of getting 5 teenage couples to their fancy dress social gathering in relative (for an ex-army vehicle, anyway) comfort. Not only is it legal to own, it is also road lawful to travel in Britain.

The vehicle is based mostly on the British Army’s FV432 armored staff provider, which appears to be like equivalent to and is a contemporary of the U.S. Army’s M113 APC. The FV432 was built and crafted by GKN Sankey, with 3,000 motor vehicles developed between 1963 and the 1980s. Like the M113 the FV432 is regarded as out of date for frontline use but is nevertheless applied by beat service aid units functioning guiding the front line.

The gimmick in this circumstance is that TankLimo is basically two FV432s, slice apart and then welded with each other, incorporating 5 ft to the passenger compartment. The slash is visible between the tank’s managing equipment, in advance of the very first armored window pane. Within the two sets of managing gear have been seemingly fused into one particular one program, an extraordinary feat of garage engineering. The resulting car is “about 22 toes long” and involving 7.5 and 8 ft extensive.

Tank Limo is powered d Rolls-Royce K60 2-stroke 6-cylinder multifuel engine building 240 horsepower and coupled to a TX-200-4A semi-computerized transmission. Adding bodyweight will cut down the horsepower to pounds ratio, generating it slower and much less responsive. That obtaining been said, according to, TankLimo can however make 35 miles an hour.

TankLimo is unarmed, however it seems to have a turret from an out of date FV101 Scorpion reconnaissance tank. The tank barrel seems to be minimize down, probable so that it won’t acquire out a telephone pole when navigating a slim road. It also has the smoke grenade dischargers from the initial Scorpion made to right away disguise the automobile from enemy fire.

TankLimo is out there for lease for about $2,000 a working day. One appealing element about the TankLimo: according to the proprietor, “every flip you do is a skid,” which means that it can drift. In other words, you can drift race with a “tank.” If that won’t make for a memorable prom night time, almost nothing will.

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