The NBN is pushing to make 50Mbps download speeds (and 20Mbps add) the norm in Australia, but several shoppers are opting for the 100Mbps speed tier when they signal up for a new relationship. Even so, if you come across you are not in a position to get those people speeds, it might be the fault of your broadband modem.

A new review commissioned by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has exposed that various ISP-equipped modems are incapable of dealing with 100Mbps speeds on a fibre-to-the-node/setting up (FTTN/FTTB) link.

The analyze has also discovered that many of these modems have weak Wi-Fi general performance, further decreasing the common obtain speeds the stop consumer can anticipate.

If you just cannot velocity it up…

43 modems from 11 manufacturers and 10 ISPs had been examined in laboratory circumstances during December and January as section of the analyze – conducted by commercial screening company Enex TestLab – and not one particular was ready to deliver 100Mbps download speeds over a 450m copper extend (the ordinary duration of copper on an FTTN relationship). 

Most devices could only supply 80% of the marketed pace.

In terms of Wi-Fi effectiveness, 30% of the modems were being unable to attain 100Mbps on 2.4GHz more than a assortment of 5m, which is sudden as 2.4GHz is touted as the greater possibility for extended-vary communication. Instead, exams showed that 5GHz Wi-Fi outperformed 2.4GHz.

With partitions coming in the way of Wi-Fi signals, the research observed that 26% of the modems tested could realize 10Mbps down load speeds on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band, even though 40% hit 80Mbps when making use of 5GHz Wi-Fi.

So if you locate your Wi-Fi link is not providing the speeds you’re shelling out for, and you’re making use of a modem supplied by your ISP, you may possibly want to change bands to 5GHz.

Not sufficient advice

Only one particular modem out of the 43 was outright rejected for use on any NBN relationship – that was the Linksys X6200 AC750.

Commenting on the results of the research, ACMA’s chair Nerida O’Loughlin reported, “Telcos and modem suppliers require to supply very good guidance to individuals about the functions and efficiency of specific modems, specifically Wi-Fi functionality.”

She recommended people to query their selected ISPs about “the efficiency they can count on from the modem supplied” in advance of signing up for a new connection.

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